Monday, March 1, 2010

maizey does punk rock

Today was toenail day for Maizey, so I thought we would work in some L2 Handling.

To pass the L2 Handling test the levels explain: "Dog allows the handler to handle his ears, tail, and feet. This may be done on a table or on the floor. There must be minimal fussing."
She really has no problem with having her toenails done. Generally I'm the one who is flinching and wimpy about it;)LOL But I usually trim her never ending feet hair, and her toenails wherever I am sitting down. Usually on the couch etc. So it was new to put her on the table. She did very well, although it is always interesting how adding one new element, such as the table, really changes the dynamic. 

One great thing about the  Training Levels is they expose holes in your training by adding in the details I would never think of. It is great (and greatly humbling) to see spots we need to work on in areas I thought we were pretty solid. There is always so much to learn.

Enter Maizey the punk rocker:

When Maizey was younger I used to despair that her ears would ever grow out and become real "Cavalier ears." Now that they have grown I find them continually in our way. So for toenail clipping we give her the 'punk rock' look. She doesn't mind too much since I always make sure its loose enough for her to shake out if she needs to. I certainly did get the evil eye today but it was more of the "Why are you STILL taking my picture?" variety.:)
Don't worry after a good role on the carpet the princess was back!

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