Thursday, March 11, 2010

sick puppies don't work for treats

Sick puppies don't work for treats, and sick puppies don't have too much fun!

We have not done too much of anything the last three days, except run for the back door and outside every half hour that is. Maizey has a sick belly. A very sick belly. So it has been sleeping, in between the back door running, for her.

I had a poodle, Little Man, for 16 years. He got bit through his nose and top palette when he was a few weeks old consequently he snorted when he breathed. I listened to him snort and snore from the time he was three months old until he died last year. I listened to him breath for more than half my life. I would wake up and listen to him in the night and I would know he was okay from the rhythm of his breath. After he died I spent nights listening for his breath. I couldn't sleep w/ out his sounds.

Maizey is a silent sleeper, I still listen for her. She is a sound sleeper, I should know I have been holding her for two days while she sleeps. And she settles down good back into her silent sleeping after she wakes me up in the night to make the mad dash outside. I, however, don't settle right back down. I listen for her. The same way I hear Meeka get up after about an hour in her crate and come sleep next to my bed. The same way I hear her make the move to the living room chair (how such a big girl curls up so small I'll never know:)). I hear them because they are mine. I hear them and it doesn't seem like it bothers my sleep.

Is there a four legged lesson?

I guess its a heavy one, but I think its that you aren't bothered by what you love most. Because it's yours. . .
 . . .so you love them, even when they stick out their tongue at you and give you the evil eye.:))


Marie said...

Sorry to hear that Maizey's been sick. I hope she's feeling better soon. By the way, that last picture is just absolutely hilarious!

katie said...

thanks she's doing better. Glad this commenting thing might work now. And yeah that pic is funny one, pretty much captures how she's been feeling lately!

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