Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"But mo-om I don't wanna go potty here!"

Since I have to take Maizey out on a leash right now anyways, I thought we would jump ahead a bit to the L3 handling. The levels explain:

Dog eliminates on cue. Tester should allow no more than two minutes for elimination to begin after the first cue is given. This is an optional behavior.

In the eyes of me this has never been an optional behavior.  If you have ever had to take a dog out on a leash at one o-clock in the morning in a blizzard you quickly come to appreciate a pup who will do her business in two minutes or less! Or how 'bout standing on the side of the road in . . .say. . .I don't know. . .the middle of Nevada? Yes, stand in the middle of anywhere w/ cars screaming past you and again two minutes or less? That is looking mighty fine!

So we have always trained our girls to go while on the leash and the two minutes part is not usually a problem. However I have always been lazy about training them to use a specific part of the yard, so L3 handling-perfect opportunity right?

Sure, except my idea of the perfect spot for them to use and Maizey's idea? Apparently not compatible. Every time we went out today she stood at the end of her leash and looked at me clearly thinking the whole time, "are you kidding me? I am not going here! I want to go over there, or over there, or how 'bout over there?" (Can you hear me sighing?)

 But persist we will and maybe by the time the new grass comes up they will know new grass is not for puppy business!

Who said Rottweilers weren't lap dogs? 
Not Meeka!

P.S.S. While we are on the subject of standing out in the yard at random times, am I the only one who thinks it odd that the neighbor who hardly ever says hello in normal daylight hours chooses one o-clock in the morning while I am standing outside in my p.j.'s and coat telling the dog, "go potty" to holler over the fence, "Have a good night!"?

Maybe it's just odd to me, but the four legged lesson?

Humans are so weird!


Marie said...

I love this behavior too. It's so nice to have when you're traveling.

katie said...

truly priceless when you spend 6 months of the first year the pups life having her knee surgeries, and other ailments that require you to stand outside at 2am cuing, "Go Potty!" in an incredibly cheerful voice!LOL

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