Sunday, March 21, 2010

Airplanes Beware! This Rotti's Gonna Getcha!

So we deal quite a lot w/ the prejudice that is so often directed towards Rotti's. I admit it often hurts my feelings for my big girl when someone crosses the street to avoid her. (Yes I know I'm quite silly since it doesn't hurt her feelings.) The cynic in me wants to shout, "You don't have to toss yourself into traffic! She's not going to go crazy and chew your leg off!!" I never have, but you never know. . .lol

It is particularly funny to me since there is only one thing she is protective of, in a sense anyway. She is the best guard dog when it comes to chasing off airplanes. Yes, airplanes, and not low flying little planes but the big time jets that we can barely see. It is very funny to see her placidly laying in the front yard scanning, not the street, not the crazy dogs next door, not the kids on their bikes, but always the sky! Then she will explode barking, jump up and race around the back yard, and to the back of the house as she faithfully chases those vicious, dangerous airplanes out of her space. She is very diligent about it's and a good thing cause what if those crazy jets just decided to stay in her space?  I truly fear for the life of the airplanes!

The first time this quirk manifested itself we were in the car traveling across Nevada, we thought she was a asleep in the back seat when she explodes barking her "big dog" bark. I hollered and mehusbandy just about swerved off the road we were so surprised! Then what do I see when I whirl around? 80 pounds of Rottweiler trying to climb out the back window of our car to get to the jet way high up in the sky. Oh funny funny girl!

So, the four legged lesson? Beware of airplanes they are dangerous and unpredictable creatures!

"don't worry mom I'm on the lookout"

"Oh-Oh I see the enemy!"

"I'll get it! I'll get it!"

"YUM! Now that was a good airplane!"


Cynthia Blue said...

LOL evil airplanes must go! :) I love Rotties. I lived with a Rottie for years and she was just a doll.

katie said...

They really are great dogs! Meeka is a great rescue success story, I'll have to post it sometime. Thx for your comment! I'd love to her about your rotti girl sometime:)

Marie said...

Twist prefers birds to airplanes, but I'm sure that Meeka could convince him to join in chasing away the evil airplanes without too much trouble.

Priscilla said...

Oh she's too cute! I love her!!

katie said...

THX! This is definitely one of her quirky behaviors!LOL

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