Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Today I was reminded, again:), just how much happier the dogs are when we work for just a few minutes a day.

We always hear the vital importance of physical exercise for our 4 legged friends, but often neglected is the vital importance of mental exercise, or stimulation. Of course regular physical exercise can't be underestimated, but the truth is I see them just as tired from a few sessions of positive reenforcement training as from a good walk. Combine the two and they'll sack out for hours!LOL

That certainly showed tonight. Today we were in and out much of the day and the girlies entertained themselves (aka snoozed;)). They are fine to be left, never destructive or noisy. But when we got home in the afternoon they were full of energy. Normally this would be a great time for a walk, but that wasn't possible today. So with their dinner I did 3 ten minute sessions w/ Maizey, and basically a longer "play" session w/ Meeka.

Maizey did one session of L2 'down-stay'. She did excellent! Then a while later, as in after I put the dishes away, we worked one session of L2 'go to mat'. It was her first session working that and she really had to think, even though it is something she is familiar with. Then a few minutes later we did one session to practice for her L2 'zen' test. She has this down pat so its more like a fun game, less thinking.

It really just took about 30 minutes total, we both had fun and after that this is what we got:
Translation: A tired puppy is happy puppy!


Marie said...

Tired dogs are the best!!!

katie said...

Aren't they though? Such peaceful sleepers.:)

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