Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sometimes Real Life Gets In The Way

One thing I have noticed, but still need to learn, is that "real life" often gets in the way when it comes to dog training.

So a short rant:

Life is busy. That is not news to anyone alive. And so often in the times we live in life is busy with things we just don't want to be busy with. So was the case today.

But the 4 legged lesson?

Well on my list of training goals today we had:
L2 zen test
L1 come
Barking zen @ petco
L2 Watch
L2 Mat--check on adding cue
L2 Sit, Down-"YEP" (My work)
L2 Sit-stay, Down-stay--check on adding cue

What was accomplished was. . .well not any where near that much. Thus at the end of day I am left feeling like I didn't do anywhere near good enough today. My girlies? Oh they are great! Snoozing away contentedly in their crates with the doors open. And why not? Maizey passed her L2 zen test, and while I had a hard time at Petco, and probably stressed her out, for the most part it was okay. Meeka got to go for a ride in the truck, and has learned to swing the bucket, so of course she's really happy. So again the 4 legged lesson?

Humans (i.e. ME) often expect too much of themselves and others. Our brilliant 4 legged friends on the other hand know to be content w/ what is, and sleep the sleep of the happy.


Marie said...

I think it sounds like you two accomplished a lot! I definitely think we have a tendency to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

katie said...

good thing the puppy girls don't hold us to our own expectations!lol

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