Monday, March 8, 2010

Early Morning Walks

If there is one good thing about not sleeping its that being awake does give you more time w/ the four legged ones. Whether its the little one snoozing on my lap, or taking my big girl for an early morning walk to the park, you're never alone with a four legged friend around!

That being said here are a couple pics from the stroll to the park Meeka and I took this morning.

So many good sniffs!

And lots of space to run-
makes chasing me when we are practicing recalls the best!

 This series represents my favorite thing about rotti's in general and one of my many favorite things about my Meeka:
Its called the, "don't worry I'm on the 'wait and see' lookout."

A very balanced and healthy Rottweiler is one who will keep a watchful eye out, while always waiting to react until given direction.

sit-stays are so hard when mom keeps moving out of your field of vision and you believe a sit-stay means don't even turn your head. 
What a good girl I have!

And finally:
Rotti rears are so cute!


Marie said...

You just gotta love Meeka. :-)

katie said...

I know I do! So sad how gray her muzzle is getting:( I really noticed it in this early morning light.

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