Monday, May 17, 2010

Yesterday We Saw A Pelican And A Pretty Face

These photo's don't speak very well for my photographer abilities but a pelican over the mountains is not something we see everyday so I thought crummy shots or not it was worth sharing.

Not that you would know it from this pic but I promise she really is more than just a pretty face.
"Me? Pretty face? Naw. . .I'm the princessface!"


Priscilla said...

Precious pictures. It's really not easy to see a pelican in the air. You're so lucky! You do have the princessface!!!

BZ Training said...
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BZ Training said...

Poor lost pelican! Maizey looks like she belongs on a greeting card.

soggibottom said...

You might think they were "ratty" shots, but we have never seen your mountains. We have seen pelican's, though. Don't have wild ones in Devon I have to add.
Maizey your looking more and more beautiful the older you get. x x x

katie said...

thx for all your comments!

Kathleen-wow a greeting card? That is high praise coming from someone with two super model boys like yours!LOL Thanks!

hi michele:) We do have beautiful mountains here. I feel lost when ever I travel somewhere w/ out them. thanks for reading!

and priscilla, it was a treat to see a pelican. Very unusual for around here. We checked out Eva's new pics, she is getting to be such a fluffy girl!

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