Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walking Challenges and Bad Attitudes

The 40 miles in 40 days walking challenge is not coming off so great this time.

The challenge itself is not the problem its the absolute lack of energy I have been having, which ironically the challenge would help. So I planned out some longer and new routes to take today thinking that would motivate me to get out there and see how it goes and yet here I am tick-typing away instead.

I have an enormous work day, company I have never met coming tomorrow, a weekend wedding event this weekend plus. . . Did I mention I am the orneriest person in the world and hate weddings? My friend that is getting married is like a little sister to me, I love her to pieces and I'm happy for her, I just hate weddings. Yeah, I'm mean. Besides why does a wedding have to be an on going event for a whole weekend? Yeah, I know, still mean.

But the walking. Its hard to walk when you're tired, that kind of tired that leaves nothing left for little reactive barking cavaliers, even though it does make me happy to see her so happy.

Okay I guess that's why I should go. They are already going to be bummed out when they figure out to day is a work day, not a mom stays home and plays with us day, I guess I should lever my laziness out of bed and at least give them a little stroll.

As for the miles? We'll just see who wins that challenge.

It might be the miles. . . this time.


Priscilla said...

40 miles in 40 days is a true challenge. I doubt I could do it though. My husband does the walking to Laura and Mika and it's so hard for him to keep a balanced pace as Mika walks fast because he's young and energetic but Laura is slow because she enjoys the scenery. It's really not easy for him to walk both of them together. Besides, Laura will stop and refuse to move forward in order to tell my husband to slow down and let her lead the way when she thinks her human walks too fast :)

Marie said...

Well, I think any amount of walking that you get done is great. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Actually, sometimes things do go as planned and the rest of the time, we just have to deal with whatever we didn't plan on. Put us down for another 4 miles yesterday though. I don't think we're going to get anything done today.

As for weddings...Yuck! Hate them.

BZ Training said...

I think Meeka would look very dignified as a ring bearer in the wedding, with Maizey carrying a little basket full of flower petals. :)

Any place is better if my boys are there.

katie said...

hi all! first let me correct my typo-our challenge is actually 40 miles in 30 days.

More importantly, thank you all for your words of encouragement. I think I was just tired out this morning, but maizey and I did get out and 2.5 miles.

Marie-you are really racking those miles up-thats awesome keeps me motivated to catch up to you!LOL And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't love weddings.

Kathleen-loved the vision of Meeka and Maizey in the wedding-its so true that no matter where you go its always better when the 4 legged friends come along!

Thanks All!

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