Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grooming With Some "Cowboy Magic"

Around here we have been on a grooming mission to learn how to deal with Maizey's ever increasing amounts of "long flowing locks" as my non-dog friend puts it.

She is fairly tolerant to grooming, loves the bath more than anything, is great for toenail clipping, and would probably be good for teeth brushing if her crazymomlady wasn't a lazy loser about doing it. 

However those thick ears that seem to just keep growing are a daunting challenge to keep up with. I would really like to be one of those wonderful dog-ladies who brush every day, but honestly we do good to get in 15 minutes about 4 days a week. The other thing that makes it a challenge is those ears are constantly getting wet. From water bowl to puddles, to the river wet ears make for snarls and mats.

So after hours online I finally found a wonderful group of folks who are part of a yahoo group called OzCavalier. These wonderful and kind folks patiently put up with my inexperienced questions and suggested a wealth of great suggestions and products. Thanks to all of you who responded!

My favorite thing I have tried so far is a product called Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine. It is a non-greasy gel that you put a very small amount on the mat and with your fingers gently pull the loose hairs out of the mat. For once the name "magic" is not an exaggeration!

The other suggestion they encouraged me to do was to use a slicker brush on her. Due to Meeka's extremely sensitive skin I am "slicker phobic" but I followed their advice using Maizey's little slicker that has plastic tines instead of the traditional metal ones. It really works great and combined with the Cowboy Magic detangler her hair is not damaged at all.

Thus grooming has become a much more pleasant experience around here. Of course if would be nice if maizey were more like Meeka who when she sees you get out her brushes flops over upside down and writhes in pleasure at any brushing she can get!


Priscilla said...

Glad that you've finally found the magic detangler for Maizey. I can't understand how frustrated can be if the hair is matted and messy. I groom Eva girl everyday and luckily it isn't hard to groom her as she's still a puppy and her hair isn't that long yet. Laura and Mika are much easier than Eva as Laura's hair is short even though it's thick and Mika's coat is very thin too. Loads of work in the morning. Sometimes, I find I spend more time on grooming them than brushing my own hair, LOL!

katie said...

hey priscilla-for sure ditto on the more time on them than on me! Probably more money on products for them than me too! Ahh all for the love of a dog!LOL

Marie said...

You'll have to bring the detangler down with you, so we can try it out on the shelties. :-)

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