Monday, May 24, 2010

Small Victories Are Still Victories

Perhaps I've mentioned before how Meeka gets her little metal bucket and carries it to the dog food to get her breakfast and dinner. This is an enormously cute trick that I have been trying to get on video fairly unsuccessfully. Also completely unsuccessfully I have been trying to teach Maizey to do the same thing. Tonight we had a breakthrough.

Ahh you should have seen me. . . such a proud momma when I told them "Are you Hungry? Go get the bucket!" Lo and behold! Who gets it? Maizey! And by the handle too! So as I squealed "good girl! Maymay got the bucket! commere! Bring it! Bring the bucket!" in rapturous tones and Meeka ran around trampling everything in sight and Maizey pranced around carrying the bucket and. . . ran in the opposite direction and dropped it. Looking back at me with the look like, "Aren't I amazing?!?"

Insert my sighs here.

But it was progress so we set it up again. Cue: "get your bucket" and again Maizey gets the bucket and again. . . runs in the opposite direction and drops it with the look like, "I am the most awesome talented princessface in the world! Now where's my dinner crazyfoodlady?"

At least she's learning and every time one of them learns something new it reminds me of a 4 legged lesson: I get more excited than they do to see them so proud of whatever new thing they learn and in the way of dogs they get just as excited as I am for no other reason than that i am happy.

Chalk that one up on the list of what motivates me to train.


Priscilla said...

It's definitely a great treat. How interesting to see them carry their food bucket and tell you that they are hungry. You're amazing too!I always try to teach Eva some tricks but somehow it's not so successful at all. I don't know whether it's because I haven't got the clicks of teaching her yet or something else but I will keep on trying. It's kind of fun.

katie said...

hi priscilla! I'm not sure how amazing it is, but they do have fun with it. It is much easier to teach Meeka things, she just seems to "get" what we are asking her very intuitively, I think thats why i get so excited when maizey learns something new-she's much more work!LOL

Marie said...

Hey, that's huge that Maizey is getting her bucket now. She'll be bringing it to you like an old pro in no time! Very exciting.

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