Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Green Buckets Are So Exciting

This weekend it was vividly demonstrated to me how different things are really exciting to different people. I was glad to attend the wedding we were a part of on Saturday, but not "Sooooo excited I could hardly stand it!" as one of the other guests expressed herself.

However on Friday night when I had to drop into the store I was, "Sooooo excited I could hardly stand it!" What would illicit such a response from me-a confirmed non-shopper?

Maizey will show you:
"See my new food bucket?!? Now I can learn to be a big girl like Meeka and carry my own bucket!"

Hmmm. . . this bucket carrying thing is harder than it looks!"

"Awwe forget it i'll just eat out of the bucket!"

I'm absolutely positive the excited wedding girl thought I was from an alternate universe when I was jumping up and down and clapping when I found this treasure of a little green bucket, but you should have seen Maizey when I gave it to her, she jumped up and down too! Okay admittedly it was probably more because I was jumping up and down than because she truly cares about little green buckets but my girls and I have a deal, if their happy I'm happy. If I'm happy their happy. It's a good deal. 

Meeka illustrates:
"This is the most awesome bucket ever! Every time I find it my crazymomlady feeds me!"

"Plus when I hold the handle she jumps around, clap sand cheers. She looks like a total dork so I laugh at her and run around and be wild. It's the best game ever!"

"I mean its no pink bear, but common this is pretty fun!"

Today's 4 legged lesson: take joy wherever you find it, even if its a wedding for some crazy people or in a little green bucket for the rest of us sane ones!LOL


Marie said...

Those pictures of Maizey with her new bucket are great!

And I doubt Meeka could smile bigger if she tried.

Priscilla said...

That's sweet!!! Glad the wedding went reasonably well for you :))
Meeka is just too cute!

katie said...

hey marie-maybe i'll brig Maizey's bucket with us and you can see how awesome it is!LOL Sorry tho I can't bring Meeka's huge grin tho I would love to-I'll just have to look at the pictures.:))

Thx priscilla, it was a good wedding, and nice that its done!:)

Cynthia Blue said...

LOL that is a great toy! :)

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