Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Promise We Do Train Around Here Once In A while

Though it often doesn't seem like we do much actual dog training around here Maizey is making some progress with her training levels work.

I was very excited when I finally got organized enough to give her some of the L2 tests she has been ready for. So on the 15th she tested and passed her L2 sit, down, crate and handling. So that means so far she has passed 5 out of 16 behaviors in L2.

We are working on and close to testing her watch, sit-stay and down-stay. She is doing excellent with her "go to mat" work and could test any day. Also her L2 come is really good, we just need to enlist a helper to hold her since stay isn't that firm yet. 

So all in all she is doing well and I don't think I will need to apply for any easy scholarships for dog training school. Although I have been thinking about taking a clicker class for some time now. The trainer who taught her puppy class does one and I think it would be very good for me, but Maizey probably needs a little more time to work on her reactive issues. More to come on how we are handling that soon.

In other news around here, we had a very nice walk again tonight. I can't believe what a difference walking makes to ease Meeka's mysterious symptoms. It was dark when Meeka, myself and mehusbandy walked so no pics of her, but Maizey would like to lodge an official complaint about my treat placement.

And the sky was stunning


Priscilla said...

Maizey is such a clever girl. She's really doing very well in her training. I love your pictures too. Stunning sky!!!

Marie said...

Wow! The sky really is gorgeous in that picture. Congratulations on Maizey's steady progression through her Levels training too. You're doing great. Dare and I need to test out some of her Level 3 skills.

The weather here was lovely today when we took our walk. You can add another 4 miles to Layla and Dare's total. We missed yesterday because it was raining, and we're fair weather walkers for sure.

DeBoys T.A.G. Team said...

Stunning Pictures!

Marie said...

Heya, just thought I'd let you know that Layla, Dare and I have walked another 6 miles. I still don't know if we'll make 40, but we're trying.

katie said...

wow as ususal you guys are kicking but! I'll add your miles now. Great Job!

Cynthia Blue said...

You are doing great! You train more than I do... hehe. Nice sky! I wish it hadn't been snowy today. :p

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