Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Favorite Walks

With all of the walking we have been doing lately I have been trying to find new places and routes to walk.

I'm a country girl. True, I have lived in the city for more than half my life, but the country is in my heart. Blue skies, blindingly bright sunshine, the soft green of new grass coming up in wide open fields where there is nothing in your view but the mountains and the soft smell of sage brush. So in the area of favorite walks, that would be my ideal. This is what the ideal looks like:

Ahh. . .but alas I am a city living girl so it is my constant goal to find places to walk that give me glimmer of my ideal. One place we are really enjoying is the Jordan River Parkway. It is a paved trail that runs along the Jordan River. It is a peaceful place and of course the girls love it for the abundance of sniffs and ducks and geese to chase.

There is one draw back in that the river is part of the cities water treatment plan and sometimes it sniffs not so pretty! Maybe they could use N-Viro International Corporations.( To avoid wasting energy and forge ahead in renewable and alternative energy sources N-Viro converts wastewater sludge into opportunity fuels, clean coal, and many other market rich applications.( For more information check out:

So I guess even though I live in the city there are many opportunities to find: "Beauty In The City."


Priscilla said...

Hey! We have one sheltie girl pup, a 10yr old rottie girl, and 3yr old rescue boy.
We've been looking FOREVEr for more rottie bloggers and we're so glad to have found you!!
Meeka's still a really beautiful old girl.

The walks look like some real great places to go too!

katie said...

It sounds like you have a full house-a house full of love! Rotti's are just the best dogs, and it is so hard to see them getting older! Your blog is beautiful and your laura girl is gorgeous! I too have been searching for good rotti blogs, and am glad you found me! How did you find me? I'm not that well known!LOL

Marie said...

Looks like you've got a really nice place to walk. I love walking in the country, but it has it's disadvantages too. Zoe must have found at least 3 dead things to roll on yesterday. LOL

Priscilla said...

The way I found you is a long story. Basically, I went to Diana's blog (4dogcraziness) where I found Dare's blog, where I found you. HAHAHA! I saw your header and I was like " That can't be ... a ROTTIE???? "

Well, anyway, it's great to know you :)

Life With Dogs said...

We are birds of a feather. I wouldn't trade Vermont for any city on the planet. I suspect my dogs might agree. :)

katie said...

marie, 3 dead things???!? EEK! I'll bet queen zoe got a bath yesterday!LOL Glad you had a nice walk-keep it up you'll beat me to the 30 miles!

katie said...

Life w/ dogs-I have friends that lived in Vermont and they say it was just beautiful! Someday I will leave this mass of heaving humanity and return to my country girl roots until then I'll keep finding beauty where ever I am-I always have the girlies if nothing else!LOL

Cynthia Blue said...

Ooo I want to join the 30 miles in 30 days! I'm kinda late, though. I could start tonight... not sure if I'll be able to completely catch up but we'll see.

I love the Jordan Parkway but it's a drive from my house and so we don't go much. Maybe I should take Jet there this weekend, he needs more kid exposure. :)

katie said...

Cynthia we would LOVE to have you join our 30 mile challenge! It doesn't matter if your just starting you can just really show us all up and do the full 30 miles starting now, or if its more realistic you could pro-rate the mileage. So since we started on April 2, just take 6 miles off and finish 24 miles by May 1 with us. (pardon my math if that's wrong it truly isn't my forte!LOL) But the most important thing is to join in and have fun! I know all the response I have got has really motivated me!

And I would love to meet you at the river walk it's a beautiful place to walk.

Cynthia Blue said...

Okay cool that'll be easier to catch up if I can take some miles off for being late. :) I went 1.75 miles today, it's a good start! It'll be so good for me and the dogs to get out and get some exercise!

katie said...

that's awesome! I think its so nice now that the sun is shining too.:)

Priscilla said...

Hey Katie

No, we don't use clicker training, but I think it's time for us to buy one!
Thanks for the training site recommendations, we'll be sure to pop there to check it out.

katie said...

Priscilla, especially w/ Eva's age she is perfect for clicker training. My favorite thing is to watch their enthusiasm for thinking about what you want and offering it to you grow and grow once you use the clicker. I think you may really enjoy it. Even Meeka is getting to really love to work for the clicker and she had never used clicker training until last year! Feel free to ask any questions, I'm still a beginner but I can usually point you to someone wiser than I who has all the answers.LOL

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