Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun In The Mountains, Fun In The Country, Fun on the Farm

We had so much fun on our trip I decided to make a whole post of the fun stuff before we get into the intense mind boggling(for me) training we did.

We did some formal training, but mostly we did fun things, with training mixed in. I might need some new training equipment for pets to use with all of the new experiences and pets she saw! This Billy Goat was just one of the exciting animals she saw out at the farm.

Of course we had to take her to the lake for some swimming. She was a little timid since there wasn't too much beach and the water was very deep, but she got wet enough to need a good roll in the dirt to dry off! I wrapped her in her blanket to try to dry her off and keep some of the mud off me, but of course the dirt roll left me needing a lot of new pets grooming supplies!
"Uggg crazymomlady this water doesn't taste too good!"

"Look out, I'm wet and about to get muddy!"

"Ohhh ya. . .that dirt feels sooo good!"

In between the walks in the country, the hikes in the mountains, the swimming in the lake, and of course the mud rolling, we did take time to just relax and kick back. Of course all of the dogs have their own beds and tons of blankets but Lucy and Penny, the two biggest of the girls, really seemed to enjoy Maizey's crate the best. Maybe I'll suggest to my friend she invest in some new blankets and beds for her pets just to keep them happy until I bring Maizey's stuff back!LOL
The best dog bed in the house is always the couch!

"Ahhh. . . .Maizey's crate is so nice and cozy"

Everything said and done it was a wonderful trip. Many four legged lessons were learned and even more two legged lessons! I want to thank our two legged friends for letting us come and stay and Maizey wants to thank Penny, Lucy, Zoe, Raven, Twist, Dare and of course her favorite buddy Layla for all the good times they had.

And Meeka wants to lodge an official complaint that she didn't get to share in the fun this time!
"Next time I get to go, okay crazymomlady?"


Marie said...

We really enjoyed your visit. It was nice having some incentive to get out and about with the dogs. :-) Lucy does want to say that she missed Meeka this time too though. She'd like for her to come next time, and if not, for her to at least send down her pink bear. LOL

katie said...

so nice of Lucy to miss Meeka, I know the littler dogs think, "Whoa! Whats this big black dog makin' all that noise for?!"LOL Since we don't know if Meeka will be able to come down yet, maybe I'll just send down one of Meeka's pink bears to keep Lucy company:)LOL

Cynthia Blue said...

LOL Lucy is a character isn't she? I should show you a picture of Levi standing in the little bed that Marie has, with his front feet only, because he was too big to fit in it. Dork! :)

Sounds like you had a super trip! I'm jealous I want to go too!

katie said...

Cynthia, character is definitely one word for Lucy!LOL I'd love to see the pic of Levi:)

juplife said...

my sister took tooper to the ocean during their trip to mississippi. he loved going in the water. i like dogs that like water.

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