Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maizey and Me Walk In The Rain

Yesterday it rained. I don't mean the kind of slight gray drizzle that just discourages a stroll down the block, but the kind of outright downpour we rarely see in the desert. The kind of rain that has the pups shaking out the drench before you hit the end of the driveway and the neighbors whose house backs the park, saying, "Yeah Mildred, there's some girl out there with a little dog making the dog lay down and stuff. . .Yes its dumping rain!. . .No I don't know why she's out there!" It was the kind of rain that when we put big brother  charleycharley's sweater on and let him out for our walk he made it to the end of the garage before he hit the solid sheet of rain, came to a skidding halt and rooted himself to the spot with that, "Are you totally nuts? It raining you know?" look. Big brother Charleycharley didn't go for a walk in the rain. It was the the kind of storm that when you look outside you are actually justified in saying, "Uh. . .no four legged walk today."

But there are some benefits to having a pup who throws herself into every puddle of water or snow she sees-she is a willing walking companion in the drenching rain. So we did our mile to the park and then we did recalls, sits, downs, stays, even some distance "go-rounds" with 4 perfect successes!(insert me cheering!) And it rained. And rained. Every time we started shivering we just started doing chase recalls and got warm again. It was great!

The four legged lessons learned? Maizey needs to learn to "down" on cold wet grass. And my four legged lesson? Learn how to shake the rain off like Maizeydoes you stay a lot drier!LOL

In his defense big brother charleycharley does love to go for a good run when its not raining:  


Priscilla said...

That's amazing! What a good girl Maizey is, and how dedicated both of you are in training! Well done :D

Marie said...

Very cute picture of Charley. Maizey is such a water dog. Glad you were brave enough to get out there and walk and train in the rain with her. I'm more of a fair weather person myself I think. LOL

We did go for another walk yesterday though, (in the sunshine), and so I guess you can add another 2 miles to our total. Randy went with us and we took all 7 of the dogs. Crazy, but it was fun. We went to Clear Creek, so I'm estimating on the total for the mileage. We walked for over an hour, so I'm assuming it was at least a couple miles.

katie said...

hey priscilla, I wouldn't really say we are dedicated to training as just a little bit nutty!:)

katie said...

2 more miles? I knew you were going to whip the pants off me, but do you have to humiliate me in the process?LOL-J/K Thats great, esp that all 7 of the pups got to go! I'm sure it was an adventure.

Marie said...

Well, the walk was great, except leave it to Zoe to find the dead deer to roll in. She reeked. I had to bathe her when we got home. Is it any wonder I walk Dare and Layla more than Zoe? LOL

Cynthia Blue said...

Does she like to swim? You could maybe do dock diving! No strain on the joints there. ;)

katie said...

Hey Cynthia, she loves to swim, although hasn't been in any water thats too deep yet. Soon as it warms up we are hitting the lake! The sock diving is a funny idea-I can just see her little self out there with all the labs:)LOL

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