Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Eras Just Keep Ending

As posted before we put our jeep up for sale that we have had for 13 years. I thought that was of the end an era, but this morning we ended another era. It was the era of Edie.

I haven't written much about her, she was my calm girl who never made any trouble. My sleepy scaredy kitty who never wanted bothered unless she wanted to bother me at 2:00am for a drink of water fresh from the faucet.LOL

She was this tiny 6 week old kitty @ Petsmart, where I was not supposed to be as I was on a break from work and short on time, but I was kitty hungry and they had kitties, so guess where I was? Yep, checking out the rescue kitties, and which one grabbed my hart? Not the rambunctious three legged yellow tabby who was desperate to play with me, not the little boy who only wanted to snuggle. No, I fall in love with this beautiful, blue eyed, white fluff ball who is cowering in the back of the cage, terrified and wanting nothing more than to be left alone.

It took me all day and all night but I begged my new mehusbandy into getting our first "together" four legged friend. I took her home, set up the litter box, gave her toys, and blankets, and food and water. . .and spent the next three weeks dragging her out from under the bed to use said toys, litter box, etc. She always was my scared girl! After the three weeks we did make progress we gradually moved to dragging her out from under the couch, the desk, and anything else she could hide under. I loved every second of her.

But today it was the day for her to find relief. She has been sickly most her life, and gradually going down hill over the last few months and today just became the day. She went peacefully, more so than me. She was a beauty and our first "together" furry kid. She will be in my heart and always in my memory.

Oh yeah, and last night? We sold the Jeep.

The eras just keep on ending.


Priscilla said...

Sorry to hear that. RIP Edie. I'm sure she was thankful for you to care for her.

Marie said...

Well, I never have the right thing to say in these situations, but I'm really sorry to hear about Edie. It's just never an easy decision to make, but I think you did everything you could to ensure that she had the best life she could have ever hoped for.

As for the Jeep, well I'm sorry to hear about it too...I think enough eras have come to an end for a while. Maybe things will settle down a bit for you now.

Dawn said...

Oh, so sad. But she was lucky to have you, that's for sure! You'll always miss her though...and the jeep too.

katie said...

dawn, thanks for your kind thoughts. Its true you never stop missing them! I'm always curious to know how our new 4 legged friends have found us-do you mind letting me know who you stumbled onto our humble beginners-blog? You can email if you'd like or just comment.:)

katie said...

hey marie, maybe I'll start a new era-the era of the Koikerhondje!LOL

Marie said...

My goodness, what kind of an era is that? LOL

katie said...

ts the era of my new dream dog-literally dream since I'll never be able to have one!LOL But then I thought that about Maizey too.;)

Cynthia Blue said...

Oh I'm so sorry, it's so so SO very sad to have to let them go. Ugh. I am having trouble with Angel too.

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