Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Road With Four Busy Legs

We finally did get on the road on Monday. I'm not sure why but it always seems to take me forever to get out the door when we take a trip. For one thing I am a compulsive over packer, especially when it comes to the dogs. Maizey finally put an end to that though. 
 "That's enough mom! No more packing!"

So we did finally get the car packed. You know the kind of thing like loading the carseat, making sure we had all of the essentials like treats, clicker, water, travel bowls and it goes on and on . . . and of course we had to explain to Meeka that she had to stay home.

 "Comeon I'm all ready to go!"

"The hugs good crazymomlady but staying home really stinks!"
Then the drive commenced. It's less than three hours when you don't have four busy legs pitching a fit 'cause she has decided that today she hates her carseat!
"You are evil and mean for putting me in here!"

If you have that then the drive is oh. . . about 300 hours because then you spend half of the time training carseat zen instead of actually driving. You stop and take 16 walks instead of the normal one walk when you stop to get gas and perhaps one more because crazy mom lady has to "go poddy."LOL

 "Pleeeaaase let me out of this torture chamber!"

But it was all good because I promised myself that no matter what happened on this trip the whole trip was strictly for training. Well and the part where I get to get out of the city and actually breathe in the beauty of color and space. So we took our time and worked with the car seat. She finally went to sleep I thought she had it down.
 Insert crazymomlady having the illusion she actually taught the princessface something.LOL

However I hate to admit that ultimately the busy four legs won and crazymomlady lost. Twenty minutes from our friends house and as soon as I got on the freeway where of course I couldn't pull over easily she actually pulled herself out of her harness and escaped to lay in the back window of the car! 

So car seat zen, park-it and settle are all going to get a lot more work at our house. It's strange she had such an issue with it though because she has traveled in that seat many times before, and we have been working it in the house. But since we can't use a crate in the car we have now we will be working with the car seat some more. Hopefully the drive home will go more smooth!


soggibottom said...

Dogs that sit in their place on the back seat are chauffeured places and not taken places.
I have my place on the back seat of the car.. I'm cool and safe.

lots of love Amie Soto Blossom x x x

Priscilla said...

Hope the carseat zen training will go smoothly and Maizey will have it in no time!
Have fun training!

katie said...

We are glad you are so happy you feel comfy in the back of your car amie! Maizey's big-brother charlie loves to ride in the back too, but not Maizey!LOL

katie said...

Thx priscilla, we hope so too! Some times in training the things that seem they should be the easiest are really the most challenging, but I'm sure she'll get it eventually:)

Cynthia Blue said...

An adventurous drive! :) My boy Levi... if my husband is with, he will whine and whine and carry on until we pull over so he can mark some bushes. If it's just me... he's quiet, because he knows it's not going to get him out. LOL.

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