Monday, April 12, 2010

4 Of Our Legs Go Traveling, But 4 Of Our Legs Have To Stay Home

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Maizey and I decided to take a little road trip today, but since Meeka's not feeling well she has to stay home with mehusbandy. Maizey and I are going to see Dare, Layla, Twist, Lucy, Penny, Raven, and Zoe. Of course we aren't expecting Zoe to jump up and down w/ glee at the social opportunity of spending time with us.LOL

We are at point where we really need some input into Maizey's training. She has passed all of her L1 tests and she is ready to pass a few of her L2 behaviors. I also want to do a lot of filming of the things she has got down pat, and Marie has much better space to do that than I do. So really we are just going to use Marie and all her dog training talent.

The things we will test or just film are again all L1 behaviors, which are come, sit, down, target, and zen. Then with L2 I hope we can get her down, sit, handling and perhaps go to mat tested and filmed.

There are several behaviors that are new to both of us and we really hope to take advantage of Marie's knowledge to teach me some lessons so I can teach them right from the start. A few are: target, distance, and stay. So it should be a lesson filled trip, and we are anxious to get on the road.

I know some will say its odd for me to take off on a social trip!LOL Of course it is for the dogs which is the same reason I joined SocialSpark It is a great site to help you browse networks, various opportunities and a lot of different blogs. They have a great Code of Ethics and the Sign up for SocialSpark process was simple and Lessons From and For 4 legs was approved very promptly which was nice. If you are looking to network or monetize your blog this is a great company to use.
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So off we go! We still need to take our walk this morning since we can't take a vacation from our 30 miles challenge and of course we all know a tired puppy travels best!


Priscilla said...

Sounds like training Maizey is going well. That's great that you and Marie are friends, hope you get some good advice from her :) We'll gonna check out Social Spark now :)

katie said...

yeah its always great to develop a network of good trainers to help you out when your not sure what else to do!

Cynthia Blue said...

I hope you have fun!

Marie said...

We're glad to have you visiting. I don't know about any training expertise, but we've definitely got room to play and train. :-)

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