Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Don't Throw Me In the Deep End of the Lake!"

Maizey had her first real swim in the lake. Since I don't believe in the "throw the baby in the deep end of the pool" school of thought and since she has never got into deep water like that before, we let her take it slow. At first she wasn't so sure.
"Are you sure this is going to be fun crazymomlady?"

But since she really does love water and she'll do anything for food we gradually got into the deeper water.

"Mmmmm. . .Cheerios!"

Meeka however does not think dogs should go in water deeper than their ankles, no matter what you try to bribe them with.
"Uggg dirty lake water! This is soooo not worth a measly cheerio!"

So she spent her time being the sunbathing beauty on the beach and generally thinking Maizey and I were insane.

"I'm too beautiful to get wet!"

It was a beautiful evening and the lake was gorgeous, and not even too cold.

"Why go in that yucky water when there are so many good sniffs out here?"

Eventually after Maizey had waded around as deep as she could go and still touch the bottom I carried her out to the deeper water.

She seemed a little nervous, but being such a water lover soon got the hang of it and took off on her own. I was like proud momma watching her baby swim for the first time! Pathetic I know, but I can be such a sap!

Of course Maizey being Maizey as soon as the life jacket came off headed straight into the deepest sand she could find for a good roll in the dirt to dry off.
"Aaahhh dirt! Princessface looooves dirt!"

It was a wonderful day surrounded by beauty and being with mehusbandy and my girls.

"Thanks for taking us to the lake crazymomlady and crazymoneybagsdad!"


Priscilla said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful day. It looks you all had so much fun in the water. What a lovely swimming day!!!

We do wish we could find a friendly beach for our doggies but it seems like it's not easy at all.

Beth W. said...

Yeah, it would be great to bring Chispita to a dogs-allowed beach. Except for the fact that she does not like getting wet. Has Maizy always liked it?

katie said...

thanks priscilla, it was a great day! i too wish there were more dog friendly water places to go as swimming is so good for them!

katie said...

Hi beth! Thanks for reading! Yup maizey has always been a water hound. She'll head straight into a mud puddle to splash around if she can!LOL She loves the bath and will hop right in if I tell her, "get in the tub!" She's pretty funny that way. While Meeka is the exact opposite she does not appreciate water!

soggibottom said...

Like a fish :-) x x x

katie said...

hey michele and amie:) yep-a fish with long flowing ears!LOL Does Amie like the water?

Marie said...

Maizey did great for her first time swimming. Way to go. Looked like a really pretty day to be out too. :-)

Love My Cavaliers said...

That is so cute! I loved the life vest for dogs. I didn't know you could get those or that you'd need one - I thought all dogs could naturally swim. That's good thinking though seeing as Maizey was heading for deep water and she might have just taken off and been in danger. Love your lake too!

katie said...

thanks marie! it was a great day. Just way too short!

katie said...

Hey marley and jasper, the life jacket was great. I know lots of people don't think they are necessary, but even dogs who are strong swimmers can get tired out. I wouldn't put it past her to just take off and she's for sure a better swimmer than I am!:)

Lindsay said...

Hi Katie, I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog post today! I didn't think you were one upping at all. Sometimes it's just nice to hear that others have gone/are going through the same thing and can understand how you're feeling. It's always nice to hear from others who have come out on the other side where things are looking good again.:)

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Looks like you had a great time!

katie said...

thanks for reading lisa! It was a really great day!

Jan Mader said...

All your photos are delightful and the video was terrific. I wonder if my Maddie would like water. I honestly don't know.

We're keeping the last foster...a I assume he would like to go for a swim!

Somehow, I think my third one...Annabelle would agree that basking in the sand is a great idea!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I think Maizey should come over and swim with me at my house. Does she like to chase sticks?

By the way, mom and me are having trouble picking a winner in my contest and we are leaning to declaring it a 6 way tie and giving everyone a prize. Can you email mom at your mailing address? We will send something for Maizey and Meeka.

katie said...

hi yoda! Maizey is just barely catching on to the idea that retrieving things is a great game, so maybe she can learn to chase a stick. Because of her knees we had to restrict all chase games and wildness, but she is making up for lost time now!

Thanks for picking us for your contest! That was a great photo!

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