Saturday, June 19, 2010

Look My Girls Are Famous!

So a very long time ago, before I joined the world of blogging and started plastering my girls faces all over the place, Resq Tails posted some pics of Meeka when she was visiting them. Typical of all of Resq Tails pics they are beautiful and for weeks I went are around telling everyone that Meeka was famous.

Now we found this way cool site called Cavalier King Charles A Day where you submit your photo's and they choose a new one to post. Very cool! So now Maizey is famous too! And because I'm a picture glutton and couldn't decide which pic to enter I entered two and they posted them both!

So just click the links to see my famous 4legged friends!


Marie said...

Very fun! Don't let it go to their heads though. LOL

Love My Cavaliers said...

Yes, we saw Maizey on there too and were excited because we knew who she was. We watch that site too but haven't put Marley and Jasper on there yet.

katie said...

hehe very funny marie, we won't let them think they're earning their keep like famous Penny!LOL

katie said...

Well jasper and marley-better get on it or Maizey's gonna beatcha at having more pics everywhere! Just kidding, but it was a super easy and fun thing to do!

Love My Cavaliers said...

Hi, on our last post the collage we used was by using a program called Photoscape. It's free to download like Picasa and very user friendly. We saw it on another blog and tried it. Very creative. Try it you'll love it too!

Priscilla said...

A famous family!

I tried your advice by giving Laura treat in order to let her give me her toy, it works on and off. It depends how much she wants to keep the toy for herself at that moment. She sometimes leave the toy right under her nose and tries to ask for the treats. Very cheeky of her. LOL

Kathy said...

Well, I guess that is what you get for having such cute doggies, they are famous!!! LOL, that is pretty neat!

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Maybe Charlie will be next! Thanks. and congrats!

me said...

Thanks Kathy, its such a silly thing, but just made me grin.:)

Lisa, We will b watching for charlie's pic hit the big time!LOL

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