Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Sure Of The Purpose, But We Have A Plan!

So I have done some thinking and planning since last night and once again I am realizing how well Maizey is actually doing.

So more for my own information than because it is very entertaining I wanted to get down what I would like to accomplish this week.

Grooming with distractions.
A note on this we just did a long grooming session that included her ears (a major endeavor no matter how often we brush them). We also trimmed her long toe hair. I've tried explaining to her that it isn't lady-like to have toe hair, but alas she cares not at all about anything lady-like. The distraction was Lucy and Layla milling around and for the toe trim and toenail clipping we went out side. There were horses and cows and all kinds of sniffs, and it was gorgeous. So I'm counting that as distraction for me and Maizey!

Walking with distractions
I hope to test and film her LLW using the horses or the dogs in the fence as the distraction.

We will have many opportunities for dog socialization. Not only here with our "headed south getaway friends," but we also have a chance to go to puppy class and work while some friends practice agility at the park.

As for new Levels behaviors I want to work on target, trick, watch, go-to-mat which we cue as "park it." I am hoping to get some help on her stays.

There I feel better already, and even if we only get a fraction of that done it will still be good for both of us.


soggibottom said...

I always love to see your babies.
Training pays, especially as they get older. Stick with it. Fluffy slippers look great but can be slippery Maisey. Ears, look great when they are long, not good though. Keep them trim and let the air in :-)
x x x

katie said...

thanks for the good tips amie soto blossom! Don't worry we wont give up on the training.:)

Marie said...

I'm glad you're finding things to focus on and I hope your visit gives you a chance to relax a bit too...not just train!

katie said...

training is relaxing!-as long as its working with me fun little girls not the crazy little barker that possesses her sometimes.LOL Really its always relaxing to come on our "country getaways.":)

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