Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Cocklebur Debacle

It is a humbling and yes, slightly humiliating thing when your 4legged little girl schools you in L2 handling.

Anyone with a 4legged friend know ALL burs are evil. On the scale of evil burs cockleburs rate right below foxtails.
Maizey's front leg and the cockleburs

Basically cockleburs work like really mean velcro to Cavalier hair. It's not pretty. Especially when the 2legged member of the team is wailing and bawling about cutting off Cavalier ears and split ends.

Let me paint the picture. On our recent jaunt in the mountains Maizey, Dare and Layla met a cocklebur bush. Before I knew what had happened Maizey was trotting off down the trail with both ears, two legs and a tail full of cockleburs. Of course Layla got her fair share, and even Dare couldn't manage to avoid them completely.

Enter the humiliating part. That would be me with the wailing and bawling. Of course I scooped her up planted myself on a rock and flopped her over to start taking them out. Yes, still with the wailing and bawling.
"crazymomlady, please quiet the wailing and bawling!" 

Maizey? She was completely fine. I laid her on her side on my lap and she munched the field grass next to us the whole time Marie expertly removed them. As Marie says, "L2 handling? This is L33 handling and she passes with flying colors!" I however failed. Even L2 handling specifies "There must be minimal fussing." I guess wailing and bawling does qualify as fussing.

Meanwhile Dare was a great help as she got in the bag and brought first the comb and then the slicker brush to us. When we didn't seem to use them she also helpfully brought us a poop bag and finally her leash. We tried to show our gratitude, but she did seem a little peeved when we didn't use her helpful contributions.

Thankfully, due to Marie's experienced removal, some deep conditioner, and some more Cowboy Magic all is well in the continuing saga of the Cavalier ears.
Layla and Dare say, "Don't worry we're all still as gorgeous as always!"
Maizey says, "And I still have my ears!"

The 4legged lesson? Cockleburs are not your friends!


Priscilla said...

What a nasty cockleburs. I'm glad you are are fine now.

BZ Training said...

I read somewhere that Cornstarch rubbed into the fur and allowed to sit for 5 minutes is supposed to help get mats/tangles/objects out. I guess it coats the hair shafts like Teflon.

Have never tried it as my Goldens seem to already have Teflon fur - everything falls out it.

Poor Miss Maizey!

katie said...

hi kathleen,How lucky you are to have Teflon Coat Boys! I have heard that about cornstarch, but never tried it. Seems like one more thing to carry on the trail, but at least then Dare would have had one more thing to bring us!LOL I'm on an australian Cavaliers list and they swear by using potato flour in the hair when it gets "grotty" ( a fabulous word by the way:)) I am going to try that when at the lake soon.

Marie said...

Glad you and Maizey both survived the cocklebur incident. Honestly though, I didn't have any doubts about Maizey surviving...just you really. :-P

Dare says come on back anytime. Maybe we'll even carry a baggie of cornstarch to our camera bag full of goodies if you.

Love My Cavaliers said...

PS. Oops forgot to say: Welcome to our blog AND we know about those annoying prickle things too. We have them over here and some other ones that are equally as annoying. Must photograph them soon. Jasper is a nightmare when he gets into them - I have to cut them all out and it hurts me more than it annoys him. I hate altering his coat.

Love My Cavaliers said...

I left another comment but something went wrong and it hasn't shown up. I was just thanking you for joining our blog and to say where have you guys been hiding? We're always scouring blogs to find new Cavalier friends, so happy to have found you. We love the feel of your blog and will be back!

Amie Soto Blossom said...

Really pleased to hear that your ears are intact Maizey.
You all look such a picture on that rock.
When you visit the beach, if your really sneaky you can take half of it back home with you.....fluffy slippers are great for hiding stuff, as well as your ears. :-) x x x love from
Amie Soto Blossom

katie said...

hi marley and jasper, and all of your 2 legged friends! thanks for coming and reading! Yes I really hate to alter maizey's natural coat too! So I was not pleased w/ those nasty cockleburs!LOL Please join us again!

katie said...

hey marie, wouldn't that be funny for dare to bring us a bag a of cornstarch? She would too.LOL Thanks for the great trip!

katie said...

michele and amie, we are also thrilled to have maizey's ears survive!LOL Amie Soto blossom looks cute w/ her short, fluffy ears, but I'm determined to keep my girls, "long flowing locks" As long as she stays out of the cockleburs that is.

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