Friday, June 25, 2010

Maizey's Level 2 Video-Part One

Time for the L2 video of Maizey's Training Levels progress. She has tested 8 out of the 16 behaviors. So we are half way there.

She tested her first behavior on April 1, 2010 then the last behaviors we tested were on June 6, 2010 so 8 behaviors in 2 months is pretty good. Keeping good records, which I admittedly am not great at, does help. It's quite encouraging to look back and see how fast her progress really was.

The video shows the tests as outlined for L2, I view it as sort of the basic foundation to build on.

Then after you lay a firm foundation the levels outline a "Continuing Education" section. We are working on much of the continuing education skills for the skills she has already tested. These are some of the great ideas:

COME: call her with my back to her, and recalling her and gently grabbing different parts of her body helps her learn to be caught.

DOWN: work on using other forms of payment. Try a back scratch or Maizey loves it when I clap for her, apparently she loves applause! A toy, or before being released to go through a door are some other ideas.

PARK IT: This has been a really fun one. Part of it is too move the mat around and teach them to figure out where it is and go to it. One time her floppy lion was a few feet closer to her and in front of the mat so she ran over and pounced on it in perfect park it position and just grinned up at me like, "How 'bout this? good enough?" Such a silly girl! This has proved a very practical skill also to help with her reactivity so we have been doing a lot of mat work out side and in many locations.

CRATE: Location of the crate becomes very important now and so far she has learned to be crated outside in our yard, at numerous other peoples houses, at a training field, and in the car to name a few.

To really understand the depth of the levels you really have to just visit Sue's Training Level book and dive in, but it is a great program, especially if you aren't in a position to do a lot of classes.


BZ Training said...

FWIW: Your "Keeping good records" link goes to your personal view of Maizey's progress, not the one us lesser mortals can see. :)

On your Journal page, there is a "click to visit your journal" link. From there you can choose between Journal or Scoreboard. Those links are the public ones. So for Zachary, to see his Journal, it's " (notice no numbers in it) and his scoreboard is "".

Go Maisey!

BZ Training said...

Actually, by looking through the dogs in the Hall of Fame, I was able to find her:


katie said...

thanks kathleen! it would prob be fine either way, but I did go ahead and change it. I knew it wasn't right, but could remember the other way to do to it.

Actually I use a google doc I designed based on one of your sheets you made to record most of our details. Just use the tracker for tests.

by the way your new website is AWESOME! Is there some way to comment on there?

BZ Training said...

Why thank you!

I haven't figured out how to add comments yet. There *is* a comment capability, but it only looks like "collaborators" can use it (ie: people I've manually entered in as being "special")

I did create a new email address ( as it wouldn't give me bzdogs) in case someone wants to email me, and did list that on the site.

Will look into the comments thing again, because it would be nice to get input.

Can't wait to see Maisy's video tonight!

KayakMedia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KayakMedia said...

GO MAISEY!!! *brain explodes but in good way* learning about these Training Levels. I know a certain corgi who loves structure & training...thanks!

soggibottom said...

Well done Maizey
Especially well done Mom.
I love to see all the hand signals.

Kathy said...

WEll, done, I LOVE the levels, they are FANTASTIC and looks like you guys are just ripping through them!!! GREAT JOB!
Kathy-owned by Breeze/Liz/Cricket/Chloe

Marie said...

Looking great as usual!

Priscilla said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I really enjoyed watching it and by watching it, I'm learning how and what to do with Eva too. So far, we've only done the basic OB and there are so many other things for us to learn together. Thanks for sharing the link of Sue's Training Level Book too.

katie said...

Kayakmedia, I know what you mean about 'head exploding in a good way'. There is so much awesome info in the levels it can make your head swim. But it is great for the structure! Thanks for reading and come back often!

katie said...

Amie and Michele, thanks for the kudos to mom, but really its maizey who is the brilliant one around here-hard to be shown up by such a fluff ball all the time!LOL The hand signals are important we have voice and hand cues for everything.

katie said...

hey priscilla, I'm glad the video was helpful. It seems like Eva is doing great with her basic OB, and the levels could work right along with that! Make sure and give laura a scratch for us:)!

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