Saturday, June 12, 2010

How 'Bout 21 Miles In 30 days?

Our 40 Miles In 30 Days Challenge is over. It turned out to be a 21 miles in 30 days challenge. But it was 21 miles we really enjoyed. And a great thanks to everyone who joined or supported us!

One thing I like about the challenges for myself and the girls is that at the end it gives a great chance to look back and evaluate how it went. This time I just got distracted. There are so many things I want to learn and so little time sometimes I have a hard time focusing!

I also found that with the weather getting nicer we were doing many more outside activities, and while not the physical exercise of walking, it is still good time together. Especially the training we are doing out on the yard now.

Its interesting how even the daily life lessons are different now that we are out and about more. A small thing, but very important to me, is the time spent in the garden which has led to a whole new kind of Zen, garden zen. As in, "No Maizey you and the Nellie monster can NOT have the zoomies in my newly planted garden!" Another garden lesson, "go out!" As in, "UGG! Quit rolling in the newly watered seeds and getting all muddy! In fact just GO OUT of the garden!"

Have I mentioned not all Cavaliers are princesses?

And overseeing it all is my serene Meeka, surveying her kingdom.

As for walking challenges? We will do a new one, and maybe next time the miles won't win!


Jan Mader said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, Katie.

I've just been reading and enjoying yours! Did you know I have a Cavalier too? Maddie is 10...she's a ruby. Maddie's the only dog I hae who's not a rescue.

Please stay in touch...I'll be back often...Jan

Marie said...

Glad you're able to spend more time outside with the dogs. That always makes me happier. I hate poor weather keeping me cooped up in the house.

katie said...

Welcome Jan! Yes I have seen your maddie, a very pretty girl! my little old man was in love w/ a 4legged girl named maddie a long time ago. Another very pretty girl, tho not a cav.:) We look forward to hearing from you again!

hey marie, ya it was a good challenge-miles or no miles. In our case more no miles. But you guys did great, hope you can join us next time too!

Cynthia Blue said...

Well i have still been walking, though not as much, because of my sore ankle and too busy. But I'll walk in Denmark and after! I really want to get jogging again.

Love My Cavaliers said...

Hi, thanks for joining our blog. Where have you guys been hiding? We're always scouring for more Cavalier blogs. we love all four legged canines of course, but our favs are definitely Cavies. Happy to have found you and we'll come back to visit often. Marley & Jasper from Cavaliers Corner.

katie said...

hey cyn, when you ankle is better, and you're recovered from denmark, we will do a walking challenge and add jogging just for you!:) I bet w/ the amount you'll be walking in denmark you could pass all of us up in miles in no time! have a great time!

katie said...

come back soon jasper and marley, we are thrilled to have you!

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