Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Kind of Vehicle Does Your 4Legged Friend Drive?

Maybe one reason I always feel so disorganized in my training is reflected in the last few weeks posts-they seem to be all over the place in subject, as I am in life. (sighs)

But to keep with that theme today is think about new car day. Our car is getting quite old and has many miles on it, but having no payment is always appealing to us so we keep driving it. It has so many miles on it that we have already replaced the timing belt along with other repairs, however it has a new shimmy to it that doesn't belong on any car and has sent me looking for mechanics to be my auto repair pals.

If I was in San Francisco I could understand this new vibration, apparently all of the hills are hard on car suspensions. As it is I think my car is just old.

Along with looking into repairs I have decided its time to start shopping for a new car. I have always had sedans, my first cool car, at least to me, was a Honda Accord. It had those flip up head lights, and I thought I was the coolest thing on the road. (Cut me some slack, it was the '90's and my first car was a brown Oldsmobile, lovingly purchased by my mom, but not good on the high school image!)

But this time I would like to buy a wagon. With Meeka getting older and being in more pain I think hopping into the back of a smaller hatchback would be much better for her. I also think with any future dogs in mind something where the seats fold down and have room for crates is the best idea.

So Today's 4legged lesson is how interesting it is that how over time our priorities are changed by our pups and what would be best for them. Never did I think to find myself dreaming of wagons and hatchbacks in the car department! I was the Jeep girl you know?

So what does everyone else drive to accomodate their 4legged friends? Better yet, what is your dream vehicle for you and your 4legged friends? Inspire me and maybe I will make it through this latest bout of car repairs by dreaming of that perfect 4legged friends car.


Crystal said...

I just purchased a Honda Fit, expressly for my dog. The rear seats fold down flat, so there's tons of room for putting a crate in there, and there are cargo tie downs so it'll stay put. And then there's still room left over on top of that!

katie said...

My friend drives a honda Fit and it is a great car, but I'm afraid its a little too small for Meeka.:)

I saw this awesome story called "Anything Can Fit In the Back Of a Honda Fit!" It showed this lady who found a calf on the road and put it in the back of her Fit! It was funny.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

BZ Training said...

I'm looking at either the Chevy Traverse or the Buick Enclave (same basic vehicle) to replace my 17 yr old Buick Roadmaster (215,000+ miles - great sedan, smooth ride, cavernous trunk, V8 (sigh))

My first car was a '78 Oldsmobile that WAS my father's Oldsmobile (for those old enough to remember those commercials!)

soggibottom said...

As long as I sit in the back seat and I am chauffeur driven, I really don't mind :-) x x x Amie Soto Blosso,

soggibottom said...

M x x x luv Ames

katie said...

Wow Kathleen that is a lot of miles! My car isn't that old, but its creeping up on the 200,000 mile mark.

Do your boys ride in crates, or seat belts?

We had a seat belt harness for our golden when I was growing up. That made for a crowded Oldsmobile- (yes a theme in our lives:)) three kids, my mom, our golden and my Little Man poodle! But we had fun!

katie said...

ahh little amie-I can just picture you sitting regally in the back while mom drives you around!

Katie said...

Have you looked through the reviews on the website? That might be helpful.

I just bought a Fit (I have two pit bulls and a Border Collie). I pick it up on Tuesday, but I have high hopes. All of the Dog People that I know who have Fits (er...) like them very much. Including somebody I know with a fairly big (100ish pounds) GSD.

katie said...

Hi katie-nice name by the wayLOL

Yeah I have been looking at useful site.

As I commented over at your site-your pups are beautiful bty!-I am worried that for trips wher eI may just let meeka ride in the cargo area a fit is not big enough. I also have to have a care that will fit Maizey's carrier as she has the worst car manner ever! She is under the impression if she isn't touching me she might die!LOL So she gets crated pretty much every car ride.

Let me know how the pitties and the BC like the new Fit though!

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