Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Than Just A Name: Maizey

Yuba Lake 6/2010

The story of Maizeys' name is not nearly as interesting as the story behind Meekas' name, but as mentioned it is dear to my heart.

The story of her name starts long before Maizey was ever Maizey. It starts when I fell in love with Cavaliers. It was a long time ago, but we had all the animals we could care for at the time so she became my dream dog.

After almost two years of looking, researching and dreaming,  it was me and mehusbandies 10th wedding anniversary. We were talking about dogs. (Big shocker I know!) And after a while he said, "okay if it means that much to you, you should start looking for breeders."

We were driving down the highway at the time or I would have leapt for joy. Instead I settled for a, "Are you being serious? Your not kidding? Cause that would not be funny!" He laughed and said he was serious. This was followed by several miles of squealing, clapping and celebrating, all of which was at a decibel level that I think may have made him change his mind a bit!

We were on the way to Dare and Zoe's house and the internet search started as soon as we got there! For several long months after that the search was on in earnest and my puppy dreaming started being more of the vocal kind not just the hiding inside my head kind.

Part of the puppy dreaming was our own name game. The "What do you think of this name. . .?" One after another got shot down by one of us but amongst one of our many name game conversations mehusbandy threw out Daisy. "Too common!" was my immediate response. He returned with "How about Maizey?"

Instant fit. Form that day on it was Maizey. Of course it has morphed into many other versions and nick-names since then, but legally she is Maizey. It is the perfect nomiker  for her and especially special since it was chosen by the man in my life who really wasn't the first one to jump on the 'add another dog to our household band wagon'!

apx 6 months old
 "Why do you think this stick is too big for me-

its only as long as I am?

weber canyon 7/10
"Yeah, your right this stick is much more my size!"

Dare and Zoes' House 6/5
7/2010 baby garden
My Maizey MayMay

Thanks to The Teacher's Pets for letting me know this whole name game was started at Frankly Speaking, not sure thats where I saw it, but its a great idea, thanks for getting it started!

So all of you 2legged friends with the heavy duty of naming your 4 legged friends-what's your name game story?


Love My Cavaliers said...

What a lovely story. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing Maizey's photos too. If a Cavalier was a dream before it was a reality in your life then it will be sure to be loved for all of its life!

katie said...

Hi marley and jasper, thanks for reading again. Especially with how crazy things are at you house right now!:)

It is a story close to my heart. I dreamed of her and while she is nothing like a dreamed-she is better than I ever could have dreamed!

Did you read meeka's name story? Its pretty good too. In my opinion anyway!

JulieD ( said...

What a great idea...I hope you don't mind me stealing it and I will definitely share on my blog soon. Your babies are so cute!

katie said...

hi julie! thanks for commenting! Sure since I stole the idea i really have no problem with you stealing it!LOL

I think its a fun idea, and nice to remember those times!

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!

soggibottom said...

It always makes me smile looking back at my puppy pics. As I look nothing like that now.... Different dog altogether :-)
I have lots of names. One that I'm called lots, is beloved PEST X X X
luv Amie Soto Blossom. Maisey suits you :-)
x x x

katie said...

Amie a "beloved pest?" I'm sure they don't mean that maybe they really mean "beloved the best!" :))))

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