Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mayhem, Confusion, and Insanity

Okay that may be a slight exaggeration.

Okay so its really a complete and total exaggeration. But its so much more exciting a title than "Trying To Figure Out What In The World We Are Doing. . . Again."

Plus I figure you are all tired of hearing me blather about plans, contrivances and purpose. I did get the 4Legged Full Life Harmony page up and running. It's not completely how I would like it but its a work in progress, I am still figuring out the whole google calendar thing, but eventually I might get it is visible to all.

We have been very busy with training. We had another lesson with our trainer to help with Maizey's reactivity and our tool bag of tricks to calm reactivity is filling up.

We have travels to tell of and tests to record as passed and big plans for the future, but for tonight it will have to suffice that we are still moving along in learning all our lessons and will tell the tale to all. . . someday.

Until then please let Maizey express our true feelings on the late night rambling:
"I give you all squinchy face at this insanity!"

And please also allow Meeka to reassure you we will fill in all the details as soon as possible!
"Do not despair of this rambling inefficiency, my crazymomlady will get things back on track soon. Until then 'keep your eyes facing forward' like me!


BZ Training said...

You leave us in such suspense - training, and classes, and plans - oh my!

I was looking at Google Calendar last night as well, following the Gold Star suggestion in TL. Fence sitting as to whether it's worth the real estate to add. I'm curious to see what you end up with!

Jan Mader said...

OK...I'm really dying to know!!! I'm doing obedience training with my Newf (former foster newf) Sammy. I have hopes of maybe showing him someday. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

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